Boost digital wallet usage

Increase your existing digital wallet penetration and become “top of device” by activating customers who are not using digital wallet for payments.

Playbook overview

Portfolio opportunity

Cards in digital wallets are rarely replaced, making digital wallet provision a must for any customer retention strategy.

Two billion digital wallet payments were made in 2022 and growing at 51% y/y.

Playbook summary

Automatically targets customers with compatible phones who are not using digital wallets for payments.

Educates customers on the benefits and convenience to drive the adoption of digital wallet usage.

Own the Payment Moment

ScheduLe a Portfolio assessment

Payments are 100% signal, no noise.

We provide an intuitive and powerful platform built on top of any payment feed. Enabling you to engage with your customers, multiple times a day, based on your customer’s real-time payment behavior.

Level up with Flow

As a portfolio manager, your job is to drive every month on book to earn previously untapped revenue. Flow delivers a full-service marketing engine, driving audience specific usage programs.

Assess your portfolio

To get started, we will conduct an in-depth discovery session with you, assess your audience, and create the right engagements to reach your targets.

How does it work?

A technology-first approach to payments and finance

At the payment moment

Flow sets the foundation that enables a payment transaction to trigger a payment notification and Flow's engagement mechanic from the issuer's mobile app.

Seamless Experience

Engagement mechanic selected by issuer from available moments, formatted to brand standards, and delivered in real time.

Secure for you and your customer

Merchant receipt is encrypted and archived, while receipt alert is sent to issuer to retrieve, decrypt, and present the receipt in the app.