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Increase payment volume with Low Transaction Booster

Your low transactors today can be your most valuable cardholders tomorrow. Help them use your card as the daily card.

Identify their needs

Using Flows analytical engine, identify current customers' usage trends across cards, products, and services to create dynamic customer segments.
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Incentivize Payment

Aimed to delight, this Playbook incentivizes the customer for taking incremental transactional steps. Thus, increasing overall engagement.

Reacquire Your Customers

Over and over, and over, again.
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Technology-first Approach

A brief primer to our process.

The Rails that Flow

Flow sets the foundation that enables a payment transaction to trigger a payment notification and engagement mechanic from within the issuer's mobile app.

Seamless Experience

Engagement mechanics are formatted to brand standards from The Platform and delivered to engage your cardholder at the payment moment from your desktop to their mobile.

Secure and Evolving Data

At the engagement, transaction information is encrypted and archived to inform the next engaging experience to keep your card, top-of-wallet.

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