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Deliver value at every payment with
Real-Time Merchant Offers

Provide customers with everyday value from America's largest discount network with more than 1 million locations to eat, play, shop, and travel, right at the payment moment... #noofferwalls.

Upsize Card Value

97% of consumers state that they look for a discount when they shop.

Customers save an estimated $1,628 annually by taking advantage of America's largest discount network, with Real-Time Merchant Offers. With average discount value of 31% and an indicated $1,600 of savings a year from merchants within 6-20min of distance from their home.
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Leverage a Single Partnership

Let Flow do the heavy-lifting. Your single relationship with Flow brings an ecosystem of payments experts, fintechs, reward partners, data and security specialists and so much more.

Make It Personal and Contextual

Signals, not noise. With Real-time Merchant Offers, each cardholder receives unique offers based on spending behavior, their preferred location, and redemption history.
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Technology-first Approach

A brief primer to our process

The Rails that Flow

Flow sets the foundation that enables a payment transaction to trigger a payment notification and engagement mechanic from within the issuer's mobile app.

Seamless Experience

Engagement mechanics are formatted to brand standards from The Platform and delivered to engage your cardholder at the payment moment from your desktop to their mobile.

Secure and Evolving Data

At the engagement, transaction information is encrypted and archived to inform the next engaging experience to keep your card, top-of-wallet.

Experience the power of the Payment Moment with our Partners and Tech Stack.

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