A Real-time Engagement Network For The Worlds Payments

Connecting The Unconnected

At Flow we are driven by real-time payments engagement. Payments are all signal, and no noise. Today, billions of dollars and a billion opportunities are wasted trying to predict and guess what customer just did.

The single job to be done is to engage and retain your customer to use your product and service again, again and again.
The Flow Platform is an intuitive and powerful platform built on top of any payment feed enabling you to engage with your customers, multiple times a day, based on your customer’s real-time payment behavior.


A technology-first approach to payments and finance

A comprehensive turnkey platform

Flexible and simple integration with all leading Cards & Realtime payment schemas

We pre-build and customize Engagement Playbooks and assets that will help you drive business outcomes by retaining users; all managed from one central UI.

REST APIs and Webhooks

We abstract away the complexity of sixty years of payment eco-system so your teams don’t need to stitch together disparate systems and spending months integrating real-time engagement functionality

We provide SDKs & UI Components for simplified integration to your mobile enviroment

Supported by Enterprise Grade & Compliance

Our systems operate with 99.95%+ uptime, and we work with industry leading partners to provide highly scalable and redundant systems. Designed by industry experts we’ve built our network for privacy and the highest compliance standards.