Introducing Flow Networks: Merchants and Card Issuers Creating Meaningful Connections with Consumers at the Point of Sale and Beyond

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October 12, 2021

October 12, 2021 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Flow Networks, creator of the Flow Platform that brings customers closer to the merchants and brands they love through digital receipts, made its formal debut today by announcing a partnership with Copperto enhance the consumer payment experience.

“Relationships with our customers are paramount, and that includes payment”

Copper, which works with a wide range of point-of-sale systems, is implementing the Flow Platform at Ace Wasabi restaurant in San Francisco.

Flow will provide Ace Wasabi customers an improved post-sale service experience that complements Copper’s tableside payment capability. Diners may pick up digital copies of their restaurant receipts from the Ace Wasabi website. Next, the same digital receipt will be available directly in the app and website of the payment card that created it.

“Copper creates a seamless pay-at-the-table system that improves the checkout experience for diners and, together with Flow, enhances merchants' ability to communicate with customers, said Dickson Chu, Copper CEO. “Receipts have, in many cases, been the weakest link in the chain. By partnering with Flow Networks, we’re able to provide our merchants with a convenient way to access the digital receipts we create and build toward a paperless experience. Ace Wasabi was one of our first merchants to incorporate tableside payment using Copper, and Flow builds on that innovation.”

The Flow Platform is an intuitive and powerful platform built on top of any payment feed, enabling card issuers and merchants to connect with customers, multiple times a day, based on the customer’s real-time payment behavior. This new level of merchant-customer connectivity reduces waste, increases engagement and builds brand value.

“Relationships with our customers are paramount, and that includes payment,” said Ken Lowe, owner of Ace Wasabi, “Receipts are a necessary part of our business, but they don’t have to be a cumbersome part of the process. We want to make sure that our customers have their receipts, whether it’s for settling a bill or travel and entertainment expenses. Additionally, this makes our job easier managing the operations of the restaurant.”

The Copper-Ace Wasabi partnership is a significant milestone in Flow Networks’ short and already productive history. Flow was founded in April by two payment industry veterans (Visa and PayPal), co-founders Chris Boncimino and Klas Hesselman. Flow Networks set out to address a common need across card issuers, merchants, and consumers – a better experience at the point of sale, and a useful, beneficial connection beyond the moment of purchase.

The capability launched at Ace Wasabi is just the tip of the iceberg. Future merchants and issuers partnering with Flow Networks will feature payment-time consumer engagement that drives consumer delight, value, servicing, and more.

“Merchants want operational benefits and speed of transaction, while building repeat business with their customers. Consumers want to feel valued by the merchants they frequent and card issuers that they use on a daily basis. That is what Flow delivers,” said Hesselman.

“We’ve made great strides in electronic payments, but the reality is that journey is not fully digital. A receipt is a legal document in the sales process, difficult for consumers and merchants to manage, and, most of the time, it ends up at the bottom of a trash can. By connecting the unconnected points in the payment journey, we will improve the experience for all parties, create stickiness, and eliminate waste,” said Boncimino. “We’re thrilled to work with Copper and Ace Wasabi as we launch Flow. This is just the beginning.”

About Flow Networks

Flow Networks provides the engine for connecting consumers with the brands they love and value at the point of sale and beyond. The Flow platform provides a source of consumer engagement triggered at the moment of payment, while simultaneously providing secure and private digital receipts back to the originating payment source. The Flow Platform was created for card issuers and merchants to reach, engage, and retain customers by getting them to use their products and services again, again and again.

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