How MSUFCU Brings Payments to Life on 'Game Day' with Flow

Press Release

November 28, 2022

EAST LANSING, Mich. —MSU Federal Credit Union (MSUFCU) today announced an innovative new partnership with Flow Networks, creator of the Flow Platform that enables market leading financial institutions to grow their customers’ point of purchase activity and solve portfolio challenges across the customer lifecycle. The new partnership is designed to drive member engagement and increase card usage while activating MSUFCU’s sponsorships.

MSUFCU will use the Flow Networks platform to power a series of member engagement campaigns from the MSUFCU Mobile app. The initial Game Day campaign launches in conjunction with Michigan State Football home games. This will be followed by Game Day campaigns for MSU Women’s Basketball, Men’s Basketball, and Men’s Hockey.

The member experience brings the excitement of Game Day into the payment moment. Upon making a payment with a credit or debit Visa card, the MSUFCU Mobile app engages the member with a sports-themed mobile game and a chance to compete for a top position on the Game Day leaderboard. Top Game Day players will receive $200 gift cards.

This Game Day integration allows MSUFCU to access the power of Flow Network’s capabilities to engage with their members at the moment of payment. The Flow platform offers card issuers an “app store” of pre-built, pre-designed engagement experiences that stream to members through their app. Experiences can include rewards, loyalty programs, payment tools, installments, or gamified experiences.

Flow Networks CEO Chris Boncimino said, “MSUFCU is a leader among credit unions in bringing new ideas and new technology to their members. Real-time consumer engagement increases card usage, builds loyalty, and reduces fraud. It can also be a lot of fun for Spartan fans playing MSUFCU’s Game Day.”

MSUFCU’s Chief Digital Strategy and Innovation Officer Ben Maxim said, “Our members will benefit from our partnership with Flow Networks in incredible ways. We are proud to partner with Flow Networks, whose platform opens a new frontier for member engagement. We are excited for the opportunity to offer our members meaningful, personalized experiences at the point of sale and beyond.”

“Game Day is just the beginning. At MSUFCU, we have moved past the impersonal plastic card payment moment. MSUFCU members will enjoy personalized engagement opportunities, rich rewards, and, of course, the trust and security that comes with every interaction they have with MSUFCU,” said Ami Iceman Haueter, Chief Research and Digital Experience Officer at MSUFCU.

The first MSUFCU Game Day Experience on September 24, 2022 saw 5,245 MSUFCU members participate out of 21,084 unique cardholder members who received the opportunity to play, a 24.9% engagement rate. The 5,245 participants played a total of 16,547 games, an average of 3.15 games per participant. The members who received the opportunity to play ranged in age from 18 to 66, with a median age of 29.

MSUFCU saw an increase in engagement with participating members, with an average of 1,975 more transactions made during the first Game Day Experience compared to the number of transactions made during the first two MSU Football home games when there was no MSUFCU Game Day Experience.

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